AIM Rule 26

The following information is being disclosed for the purposes of Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.

Description of the business:
  • Litigation Capital Management Limited (“LCM”) is a leading provider of litigation financing and ancillary services, enabling third parties to pursue and recover funds from legal claims
  • For over twenty years LCM has provided litigation financing and was one of the first professional litigation financiers in Australia
  • For more information see About Us
Country of incorporation and main country of operation:
  • Incorporated and registered in Australia with registered number ACN 608 667 509
  • LCM’s head office is in Sydney, Australia, and has other offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and London
  • Shareholders should note that as LCM is not incorporated in the United Kingdom, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a United Kingdom incorporated company. Please see LCM’s Constitution for further information
Board of directors:
  • Details of the Company’s board of directors can found here
Registered office and advisers:
  • Details of the Company’s registered office and list of advisers can found here
Other exchanges or trading platforms:
  • LCM was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: LCA) in 2016
  • The Company de-listed from the ASX in connection with admission to AIM. Delisting from the ASX occurred with effect from close of trading on 21 December 2018.
AIM securities in issue:
  • LCM has 119,200,332 fully paid ordinary shares of no par value in issue, each ordinary share having equal voting rights
  • LCM does not hold any ordinary shares in treasury
Significant shareholders and holdings by directors:
  • The holdings of significant shareholders and directors can be found here
  • The percentage of the ordinary shares that are not in public hands is 28.3% (to the best of our knowledge).
Restrictions on the transfer of its AIM securities:
  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM securities.
Corporate governance:
  • The Company adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance, Corporate Governance Code, published by the UK Quoted Companies Alliance (the “QCA Guidelines”) from Admission.
  • Please refer to Corporate Governance for further details
  • Directors responsibilities and committee memberships can be found here
Takeovers and mergers:
  • As the Company is not incorporated in and does not have its registered office in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and does not have its place of central management and control in any of those jurisdictions; the Company shall not be subject to and Shareholders will not be afforded the rights and protections pursuant to the City Code. Instead, the takeover provisions in Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act 2001, will regulate the acquisition of control over the voting shares in the Company.

Last updated:
30 January 2023 | Litigation Capital Management Limited

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